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My name is MayaSari, I'm a singer/songwriter from the Netherlands.
Music and singing has been my passion since I was a little girl. So I decided to take classical vocal lessons. Despite my classical voice I am inspired by many kinds of music styles such as Classical, Trip Hop, Drum and Bass, Jazz, Electronic, Soundtrack Music, J-pop and Dance. All these different styles, made my music evolve into what it is today.

When The Volume Is Loud [First Official Videoclip]
When The Volume Is Loud [First Official Videoclip]
Geplaatst op: 11 september 2012

The very first official video of an original MayaSari track is here! The song "When The Volume Is Loud" has a nice mixture of styles to it, like SynthPop, Dance, Soundtrack Music, Ambient and MayaSari's Classical Vocals. This video was shot in the wonderful city of Li├Ęge in Belgium 2012.

news separate Me singing
Me singing "Walking in the Air" from the Snowman
Geplaatst op: 15 december 2011

This is a video of me singing Walking in the Air from the soundtrack of the 1982 animated movie The Snowman! it's an amazing fantasy film to get into the holiday spirit and it features one of my heroes David Bowie. The song was origianaly performed by Peter Auty from St. Paul's Cathedral in the movie.

news separate Hettie playing the violin
Hettie playing the violin
Geplaatst op: 17 augustus 2010

This week the talented violinist Hettie was so kind to come to our studio and play some tunes for my upcoming EP.

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